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Classroom Sample


My philosophy of teaching is grounded in the development of the conscious dancer; challenging the artistry, technical skill, and expression of the individual in relation to their community of peers, while maintaining an overall awareness of their civic duty and advocacy for the field of dance.  As an artist and a lifelong learner, I promote exploration, self-discipline, and introspection in my classroom to guide a transformation of the student. It is my responsibility to find a delicate balance of effectively communicating an elevated sense of movement and performance, as well as question the thinking dancer to find their own pathway of personal and artistic discovery. I celebrate the diverse histories and knowledge of my students, creating an atmosphere of transparency and reflective practices for us to share and connect with one another. My goal is for them to achieve a growth and appreciation of their unique experience in time together and to ultimately implement the lessons into their various areas of life and study. 


My teaching style is interpersonal in nature: it is my hope to foster relationships beyond the technique, but also to deeply support them through their rejections and triumphs both in and outside of the classroom. It is important for me to also create an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and discipline, conditioning the dancer to be self-reflective and eager to progress. It is critical that my students watch one another in class and provide constructive commentary when prompted. I elect to view my students as citizens and therefore consider how their classroom experience influences them to be both self-sufficient and responsible to the community. Providing formative feedback that is specifically targeted to a student’s personal growth and matriculation of studies not only helps them thrive throughout the course, but holistically develops the individual as they mature and develop life skills and experiences. Furthermore, as a teaching artist that takes on the role of the lifelong learner, formative feedback provides a plethora of information to better my pedagogical theories, methods and classroom structure. 

The most important outcome for me as an educator is to develop a sense of community ownership where my students feel integrated, invested, and important, and that they individually have an impact on the success of the classroom; they have a place. It is my desire that my students feel connected to one another and to the self through the art of dance, and chose to support each other through shared learning, observations, feedback, support and student-driven teaching. I hope I can inspire my students to continue their studies as dance artists and advocates of the field, ensuring the sustainability, integrity and future of dance arts.